When a loved one goes missing,be it a runaway teenager,a lost family member,or an abducted child, every hour that passes is agonizing. Your dear for their safety. You fear they may never return home.

TSNA DETECTIVE PRIVATE AGENCY has top private investigators in Kolkata, possesses a long track record of finding missing persons and safely reuniting families. Our missing persons investigators have many years of experience and knowledge which gives our team the tools they need to figure out how to find a missing person. Solving this kind of case requires professional expertise and time: both quality and quantity time. Local authorities,no matter how skilled and dedicated, simply may not be able to devote enough of their resources to solving every missing persons case they handle, or as quickly as you’d like. TSNA investigators has the ability to do what the others can’t when any individual wants to find a missing person. Contact us today to see how we can assist you in finding a missing person.

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