How TSNA Detective Agency Can Help Gather Evidence of Spousal Infidelity in Extra Marital Affairs

Our Detective agency use various techniques to investigate extramarital affairs, such as surveillance, background checks, and digital forensics. For example, a detective agency may conduct surveillance to gather evidence of a spouse’s behavior, such as meeting with a suspected paramour or engaging in other inappropriate activities. The agency may conduct surveillance on the suspected cheating spouse to gather evidence of their activities, such as meeting with another person or engaging in romantic behavior..


For example, a detective agency may conduct surveillance or gather other evidence to support suspicions of an affair, such as hotel receipts, other records, or social media activity. The agency may also interview witnesses or conduct other investigations to gather information relevant to the case.

If a spouse suspects that their partner is having an affair, they may hire a best detective agency in Kolkata to conduct surveillance and gather evidence of the affair. This evidence can be used in court during divorce proceedings or other legal proceedings related to the affair.

The role of our private detective agency for such cases in Kolkata is to gathering evidence of infidelity, such as photographs, video recordings, or other documentation. It is important to note that any evidence gathered by a detective agency is legally with applicable for court laws and regulations.

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