Detective Agency commitment is the soul of a matrimonial bond. In a diversity of religions, marriage has always been given a pious position. To dishonor the relationship of a marriage, by being involved in an affair outside the marriage would not only be religiously wrong but morally as well. However, our concern in this article is limited to the legal remedies available to a spouse, if his or her wife or husband is having an extramarital affair.

In such a situation the detective agency is needed for collecting the evidence for you to take any step which is very important, as the burden of proof will fall upon you. Moreover, if you fail to prove your case, you may find yourself in more trouble than you already were. For example, a divorce case claiming cruelty may be filed against you by your spouse. In case the spouse is wife, the husband may find himself embroiled in a number of false criminal cases for dowry and domestic violence. The person with whom you alleged the affair is happening or adultery has been committed may file a defamation case against you.

With the help of surveillance from the highly skilled expertise of TSNA detective private limited you can help yourself in such a worst situation where your partner is cheating and also not contributing in the family.

Team TSNA helped a lot of people accross kolkata by providing the videos,still pictures along with the places where subject use to visits in run time.
The years and years of experience in the field of detective/investigation our private detectives are much trained and developed in collecting the evidence for you.

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