Fraud comes in many forms from many sources. Popularly known as “scams,” fraudulent offers may be made personally or arrive through regular mail, email, text messages, telemarketing, and the internet.

Fraud is a broad legal term referring to dishonest acts that intentionally use deception to illegally deprive another person or entity of money, property, or legal rights.

Unlike the crime of theft, which involves the taking of something of value through force or stealth, fraud relies on the use of intentional misrepresentation of fact to accomplish the taking.

Our team with highly skilled detectives works on various types of fraud cases as Fraudulent activity can be carried out by one individual, multiple individuals or a business firm as a whole.

Fraud involves deceit with the intention to illegally or unethically gain at the expense of another.

In finance, fraud can take on many forms including making false insurance claims, cooking the books, pump & dump schemes, and identity theft leading to unauthorized purchases and so our private detectives are highly skillful who actively engage on finding the corrupt people behind such unlawful activities.

TSNA detective agency also investigate such common individual mortgage fraud schemes include identity theft and income/asset falsification, while industry professionals may use appraisal frauds and air loans to dupe the system. The most common investor mortgage fraud schemes are different types of property flipping, occupancy fraud, and the straw buyer scam.

The TSNA detective private limited agency in kolkata solved cases include high yield investment fraud,loan related scam, advanced fee schemes, broker embezzlement, pump-and-dumps, hedge fund related fraud, and late-day trading. In many cases, the fraudster seeks to dupe investors through misrepre sentation and to manipulate financial markets in some way. These crimes are characterized by providing false or misleading information, withholding key information, purposefully offering bad advice, and offering or acting on inside information. One can keep trust on our company’s investigation technique for solving fraud related cases.

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